Three milestones this week!

L.E. is two weeks old today, and reached a couple other milestones this week as well.

She was 5lbs 13oz at her doctors appt yesterday, putting her back at her birth weight! This means we can stop waking her to feed and switch to an “on demand” schedule.

Her umbilical cord stump fell off just this evening – which was kind of gross. Josephine is putting it in the “memories box” which is also kind of gross. And of course, now, L.E. is left with just her little herniated belly button… Needless to say: gross.

And finally — today, L.E. and I ran some early morning errands so Josephine could catch up on sleep, resulting in L.E.’s first espresso.


(Calm down, everyone – it’s an empty cup!)

One thought on “Three milestones this week!

  1. Awww she looks so confident that she is in good hands with her Daddy, and not a care in the world. Great job Daddy! I have never met a Dad that would take his baby out without Mom during the first two weeks. You are so awesome and brave. I love it. Love you all. Nana

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