Showing Off

Had a few minutes to take some pictures of LE last weekend, just after her 7-week birthday! She’s getting big so fast, but is still cute as ever :)

Pop Pop’s First Visit

Josephine’s dad had a long weekend, and came up to visit a couple weeks ago. Here’s a couple photos


One Month Old!

L.E. turned 1 month old today! To celebrate, we had some belly time and a photo shoot!

Downtown Potsdam

Had a break in the weather long enough to get L.E. in the car and to downtown Potsdam for a walk! We strolled through Ives Park, stopped in to see if anyone was around at Maxfields, and then had a quick bite to eat at First Crush! L.E. was her usual well-behaved, quiet self, and Dad took lots of pictures.

First bath!

L.E. got her first real bath tonight, which was a great excuse to break out the new camera and get some pictures! Don’t worry, I’m saving the embarrassing naked ones for when she brings home a boy (the internet doesn’t need to see those, anyway).

Photos were shot with our new Nikon D3200 with a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens (dad’s new toy), with a little post-processing of the raw image in Aperture.